The Vagina Monologues – A fantastic dive into the world of women!

Due to the request of many, well not really, only a couple of friends insisting I should write about The Vagina Monologues Play, I have decided it could be a good writing exercise. Whether they want me to spread the wings of feminism on my blog, or are simply curious about a man’s thoughts on the play, I have decided to get out of my comfort zone.

I used the term comfort zone not because I have never heard the word “Vagina” so many times, in such a short span of time, but because I have never written about a play. I was already interested in The Vagina Monologues premise for quite some time and naturally was quite excited to learn that on Valentines day an amateur group would be performing it.

It was indeed a terrific experience, the subject matter is interesting, compelling, emotional and quite funny at times. The Vagina Monologues was written by Eve Ensler in 1996 and it is presented to the audience in an episodic format. Each section highlights a specific issue, that women face, unfortunately, still today. The themes touch on sex, love, rape, orgasm and birth. Some of these are done in a humorous tone, but the play is written in a way where you least expect it turns sour.

Sour, not due to how bad it is, but due to the reality that it presents, and Even Ensler wrote these changes in such a way, that it feels like an emotional rollercoaster. You will laugh out loud but suddenly the situation will turn into a tragic situation. It was a learning and extremely engaging experience, not because I was oblivious to these issues but because it felt raw, real and emotional to hear these monologues.

The setting was quite amateurish but charming, and sitting on the floor on the front row, witnessing these women that voluntarily got together to recite these monologues, was quite an experience. A pity that only 10% percent of the audience was composed by men.

Unfortunately that is still how the world goes.

For those afraid that it is an extreme feministic play, I didn’t interpreted it that way, I didn’t feel at any time that these monologues were attacking men. Only their actions in certain situations. I consider The Vagina Monologues as more of a female empowerment movement, where it celebrates everything that being a woman represents.

It’s funny, it’s emotional and a celebration of being a woman. The Vagina Monologues is a play that everyone should see and reflect upon.

Note: All the proceedings went to supporting women and girls around the globe in their fight for equal rights.

Note: Terrific work from the Alchemy Ensemble check them out!

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