The agency of women in Game of Thrones


A rape scene in GOT has triggered a huge backlash in the small world we call internet. After an interesting conversation today, I think I should share some of my thoughts on this.

A beloved character was raped on her wedding night, the scene was described by a senator as “gratuitous, disgusting and unacceptable”.

It’s a despicable act and it should be viewed a such.

However, we are talking about a TV show, a piece of fiction that is bathed in a misogynistic view of women throughout its existence. Taking into account the setting of GOT and the characters that participate in the scene it feels like a natural progression to me.

Ramsay Bolton is a psychopath, it was more than predictable that he was going to act that way. Today, I have heard the argument that by panning the camera to Theon Greyjoy, the show removes Sansa’s suffering, because it focuses on his suffering while watching it. Would you rather watch it?

Was the scene necessary? Perhaps it wasn’t, but we are talking about GOT, a show that has shown rape not once but twice before and objectifies women like crazy. It’s HBO after all, the channel is know for its adult themes, which translate into obligatory naked or violent scenes in each episode.

I am not saying with this that we should not be critical of the works of fiction we are experiencing, but I do say that this issue has been completely overblown. Readers have been witnessing many departures from the books’ story lines. I wonder if this scene happened in the books, there would be such backlash.

For me, GOT is a work of fiction I view it as such. This scene was probably not necessary, but I think it fits naturally in the world of GOT. There are also plenty of kick-ass women in the show, so I think it’s a bit ridiculous that people are having such a strong reaction. Specially because the timing is all off, we are in season 5 folks, plenty more happened before!

Now if you want to watch women kicking-ass go watch Mad Max: Fury Road.

Stay safe, stay strong!

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