The Affair – Season 1

I have been recommending The Affair to my friends quite often. I am not sure whether it deserved the Golden Globe for best drama, last year, but it is certainly among my favorite series.

Now, as a disclaimer if you are a fan of Dominic West, be prepared for a completely different character from McNulty in The Wire.  After all we are talking about a different series!

The Affair explores the consequences and effects of an affair between a teacher spending the summer at his in-laws’ and a married waitress. Despite sounding like a simple story, the series executes it in a way that is exciting to watch.

Heavily using the unreliable narrator trope, it presents events in two different versions. Many times the differences are subtle and only the most attentive will notice them. Through these small touches the series gains depth showing how the characters perceive each other in different situations or emotional states.

It offers enough intrigue and interesting storytelling scenes to keep you interested, and the acting is quite strong in this one. In particular Dominic West and Ruth Wilson have amazing chemistry, and both deliver powerful performances.

The Affair depends heavily on good writing, it will remain to be seen if Season 2 will have the same quality has the writers will probably need to be more inventive. Nonetheless, I recommend it. I guarantee that you will be entertained.

I leave you with the title sequence song created by Fiona Apple, it translates very well the feeling of the series.

The Affair
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