Sleeping With Other People Review – Sex and other drugs!

This movie review is sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s: Strawberry Cheesecake! They actually didn’t give me any money, it’s just that after watching Sleeping With Other People and being single, I needed some sugar intake. This review could be very short, I could just write “Alison Brie (Period)”, but then I feel like I would be doing disservice to myself and to the two of you who keep reading my ramblings.

Sleeping With Other People is, one of the best romantic comedies I have watched this year. I am very picky with romantic comedies, I don’t like overly cheesy movies, and if it doesn’t have a happy ending it doesn’t really bother me. However, who doesn’t love a good happy ending? Anyway, I was expecting a raunchy romantic comedy, and that’s what I got! As you have gathered from my introduction, I am big fan of Alison Brie, she is first of all gorgeous and a good actress, surprisingly there were a couple of heavy dramatic moments and she handled those scenes well.

I got to admit that Jason Sudeikis has been growing on me, while I am not his biggest fan I really liked to see him in Sleeping With Other People, the chemistry between the two actors was definitely there, and without it, the movie wouldn’t work at all, as it heavily relies on how these two characters interact. It is the case with every romantic comedy, I guess.

I mentioned before that there are some serious issues which are approached throughout the movie. While, they give Sleeping With Other People a dramatic undertone, it felt that they could dig deeper into these. Naturally and since it is a raunchy comedy, catering to a certain type of audience, I understand that some things are glossed over, it is nonetheless noticeable.

There are also some silly moments, which feels like they wanted to showcase Alison Brie’s…let’s call them attributes. Objectively that counts as a negative, subjectively it’s difficult to complain about it.

Sleeping With Other People, was entertaining, raunchy, sexy and endearing, that’s all I wanted from it, and that’s what I got.

Note 1: Special mention Adam Scott, Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation. He was very, very creepy but we still love you!

Note 2: After revising this article I found some very unintended puns, yours truly decided to leave them there, because…why not?

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