The past, present and future

After carefully considering whether this space would meet its demise, I have decided against it. Lately, it has been difficult to find time for a hobby that serves many purposes. Ultimately, it is a fun writing exercise, I don’t consider myself an expert or connoisseur of everything related to cinema. In truth, far from it. I have still to watch many classics, that as soon as I mention them, people gasp in horror, and question my credibility as an owner of a blog about cinema.

It would be naive from me to say, the criticism does not affect me, but, in the end this is a space that I use not only to express my personal thoughts on everything I watch, but to practice my writing. Exposing ideas, thoughts, funny quips through written discourse is challenging. A challenge that I embrace whole heartedly. If I am not writing here, believe me, I am writing on a little blue notebook I got two years ago. The subjects may change, but pen and paper remain the same.

During these last couple of months, it has been difficult to juggle everything that’s part of life, some sacrifices had to be made, in particular this space. was never created to build a strong audience of loyal followers, instead I see it as a tiny project, that I willingly share with others. 

Most of you follow this page because you are either my friend and want to support my efforts, or met me at some point in life and thought that having a blog was cool. To these two groups of people, my thanks for visiting and dedicating time to all the words I have written.

This blog entry sounds and feels like a farewell speech, but as you have read in the first line, it’s quite the opposite. I figured that after almost two months of silence, I should kick things off with a more personal entry. I hope you stick around for what’s to come, I will make the same effort. 

Stay safe, stay strong.

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