Master of None Season 1 – Intricacies of life

Oh boy…where to start. While watching Master of None a word constantly landed on my mind. Poignant. Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang deliver a series that provides not only laughs but also a level of poignancy that frankly I was not expecting. The entire series feels grounded, and its thematic approach works brilliantly. Approaching a different theme in each episode works very well and made each episode feel refreshing. Episodes like Parents, Hot Ticket , Mornings or Ladies and Gentleman, tackle heavy topics in such a way that I found myself laughing out loud and smirking at how amusing and familiar certain situations were.

Ansari particularly famous for his Parks & Recreation role, appears a bit more toned down in Master of None, benefiting the whole tone of the series. The way the story is presented reminded me of Louie, where the protagonist goes through a series of life situations that are both hilarious but also extremely relatable, at points extremely awkward. Netflix is building up a strong line up of series, they are making the right choices and betting on Master of None was indeed a perfect choice for the service.

Master of None is definitely one of this year’s  highlights, and even if you are not a fan of Ansari’s previous work, don’t dismiss it right away. The series touches so many relevant topics to today’s way of living, that I was indeed surprised at how effective it was in presenting its story. Special mention should be made in honor of Ansari’s father who stole every scene he was in.

Master of None is much more that silly laughs it also has a heart that we can all relate to. Watch it!

PS: This (admittedly) very short review was written at the sound of Dave Brubeck’s amazing “Take Five“!

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