In Your Eyes Review – Love and Telepathy

I have been often accused of starting my reviews by stating that a movie’s concept is interesting and then elaborate on describing its execution. Well In Your Eyes was a surprise, I knew very little about it, except that Zoe Kazan starred in it and that it had an interesting…concept!

In Your Eyes is a story about two unconnected souls from different corners in the United States who have a telepathic bond. This sounds silly, but I  enjoyed the way it was executed. The telepathic bond, makes both these characters see, hear and feel the other’s experiences, opening space for numerous situations which range from dramatic to hilarious.

I was very happy when I saw that In Your Eyes was written by none other than Joss Whedon. For those who don’t know he is currently busy directing big Avengers movies, so it’s nice to see him working on small projects. For those who are fans, some of his humor is present, and that is definitely one of the highlights. Both Zoe Kazan (which I am a big fan), and Michael Stahl-David, deliver good performances, nothing that would make you praise the heavens, but you won’t be suffering due to the acting.

There are moments that In Your Eyes becomes a bit cheesy, but I don’t mind an adequate amount of cheesiness. One scene in particular could become a very corny and cheesy scene, but the way it was edited made it more interesting. You will know what I am talking about, when you see it. The only main issue I had with the movie was the ending which felt rushed, other than that I was happy with it. Surprisingly, both main actors barely interact in the same space, but their reactions and chemistry was believable. In Your Eyes could have been bad, if the actors weren’t up to the task. Instead it was entertaining and endearing. It’s not groundbreaking or revolutionary but it is a good watch.

In Your Eyes
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It’s not groundbreaking or revolutionary but it is definitely worth a watch.

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