Léon: The Professional Review

I know, I know…there are a couple of movie pearls that I haven’t watched, and between you and me many classics that are obligatory for any movie fan. Recently I have decided to finally watch León: The Professional and despite many friends saying it was good, I was floored by how good it was.

Jean Reno has always been in my humble opinion, a solid presence on screen. In León he shines as a cleaner or in other words a cold hitman. However what I was not expecting was the terrific, endearing, amazing, emotional and sometimes oddly sexual (yes I said it) performance of young Natalie Portman.

I was expecting a movie heavy on action but instead I got a wonderful look at the relationship between a hitman and a little girl whose family is murdered. The scenes with Jean Reno and Natalie Portman render this movie nothing short of amazing, and luckily a lot of the time is spent in showing how their weird relationship evolves, leading to a satisfying conclusion.

I have watched the Director’s cut version of the movie which adds 20 more minutes, I felt that the pacing of the movie was the right one, and couldn’t get enough of the interaction between these two main characters.

Léon: The Professional has explosive moments of violence, and I think they were well placed and fit well within the entire narrative. I can’t write this text without mentioning another character that I loved. The villain is amazing, I found him threatening, funny and also unpredictable essentially a very menacing crazy guy. Gary Oldman also helps in this regard, offering such a good performance that I couldn’t help but be curious of how the story would pan out.

There is also a campy feeling throughout the movie, specially during the action scenes, the villain also contributes to the campiness of its character but never did I feel that the movie was verging on silliness. This was probably due to the characters, their emotions, motivations and how they evolved throughout the story.

I am glad I have watched León: The Professional and you should watch it to.

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Watch it!

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