Avengers: Infinity War Review

After many hours of action packed adventures, introducing new characters and build a world filled with superheroes, Avengers: Infinity War is finally here. Does it live up to the sky-high expectations?  

Disclaimer: This is of course is a very general and short review, without spoilers. There might be a full review with spoilers coming after second viewing.

An enormous task

Avengers Infinity War was a gargantuan task, and the Russo brothers are to be commended for a job well done. Infinity War could easily feel overcrowded and confusing. Instead Avengers: Infinity War moves forward at a breakneck speed. Still it manages to give us small interactions with characters who haven’t met yet or have just reunited.

The latest Marvel entry also manages to preserve group dynamics, and different atmospheres within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which can be a bit jarring for some, but are all tied together and contribute positively to Infinity War as whole. If you are a fan of a particular character it is possible that you might be disappointed, as many are relegated to a more supporting role, but there is one reason for this.  

Thanos, front and center

Thanos. Infinity war is by all means a movie about Thanos and quest to bring balance to the universe. The main villain carries the movie forward, forcing us worry about our favorite heroes.

We have different groups in different places, and this served as an opportunity to put specific characters together offering a much-needed dose of humor. While the trailers show a grimmer venture for The Avengers, rest assured there are plenty of funny moments.  

The only gripe with Infinity War, is that at times favorite characters make odd decisions. The breakneck speed can also be tiresome for some. This can lead to some frustration from our part as viewers.

Infinity War, manages to be dramatic, action packed and possibly change the Marvel Cinematic Universe in one swoop. A must watch!

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Infinity War, manages to be dramatic, action packed and possibily change the Marvel Cinematic Universe in one swoop.

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