Deadpool Review – All the chimichangas you’ve asked for!

Deadpool is a movie that has been in production hell for more than 10 years, with so many twists and turns it could make your head spin. Then Mr. Wade Wilson aka Deadpool shows up in the surprisingly bad X-Men Origins:Wolverine. However, the whole character was utterly underused and wasted as something that was nothing close to the magnificence of Deadpool. Fortunately, in 2014 test footage leaked and thanks to that I can write these words…Deadpool is amazing!

Now, I had some background information about the character, I was expecting, violence, humor and a lot of 4th wall breaking. Those unfamiliar with the nature of this anti-hero, might not be so amused, but the film tries very hard to set the tone right from the beginning.

Opening the film with “Angel of the Morning” by Angie Newton plus a funny opening credit scene, sets the tone straight away. Deadpool is aware of many things: that it opens on Valentines Day week, that its main actor starred in not so well received movies, and that we the audience are right there, watching it.

It’s refreshing to see a character like Deadpool on screen, the jokes are effective, specially for those who can understand the million references its constantly making. Ryan Reynolds was attached to the project for most part the production hell. I am glad he stuck around, because he is Deadpool! That is the best compliment I can give him.

Jabs are constantly being thrown around, whether the target is previous movie flops, Hugh Jackman, X-Men or even Ryan Reynolds, the film is on point, I found myself laughing out loud many times, you will too!

The film is not without flaws, the villain feels a bit one note, serves his purpose but I feel that he could be more interesting. While I have nothing against graphic violence, sometimes it felt a bit cartoony, but again, it’s Deadpool, so it didn’t feel completely out of place.

I am happy I can see Deadpool on the big screen. I had high expectations and got more than I asked for. Deadpool is relentlessly funny, disgustingly violent and extremely aware of what it is.

It’s a hell of a good time.

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It’s a hell of a good time.

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